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Individual Eyelash Extension: $45


Pre and Post Care to Prolong:


1. Make Appointment, Allow up to an hour for your service.

2. Arrive with no eye makeup applied; liner, mascara, product

3. During your service; Relax.

4. Post Care consist of being delicate. "Do Not's" Consist of:

*Pulling on your lashes

*Applying Mascara to Lashes, should not be needed. If So you can purchase the mascara specific for your extensions.

*No Direct Water to your face, as in the shower. Wash your face & eyelids with a cloth, do not pull on lashes.


Any complications, as for any procedures, please contact me directly.





Full Volume Lashes

Full Volume takes more lashes, therefor cost more. Can discuss the prices before we start your procedure.

Basic Set Lashes

Basic Set of Lashes show an instant difference. More natural appearance enhancement to your lash line.

Strip Lashes for Everyday

Strip Lashes are fun and If your not sure lashes are what you want, it is the simplest way to try then out.

Instant Transformation; Leave Feeling Unstoppable ...